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April 2019

  • Huddle Up!

    Although pop culture has led many to believe that leadership is a talent or a set of innate skills possessed by few, leadership skills are practicable. By breaking down what it means to be a leader and what specific skills and capacities it takes to lead, we can encourage leaders from all backgrounds, experiences, and…

    Huddle Up!
  • Fourth Annual Family & Coach Appreciation Party

    Our coaches and families are two of the most committed groups of stakeholders Urban Initiatives has and without their support our programs wouldn’t work. The Family & Coach Appreciation Party allows us to spend an evening with them, thank them, and share a meal.

    Fourth Annual Family & Coach Appreciation Party
  • UI Coaches Receive Spring Training

    all Urban Initiatives coaches receive regular training to ensure that our participants are receiving the highest quality programming possible. In March, Urban Initiatives hosted two spring training sessions on the south and west sides. These trainings kick off our spring seasons and provide an opportunity for our Work to Play soccer coaches to come together,…

    UI Coaches Receive Spring Training