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The Perfect Day for McNair’s First Friday Game Day

It was a game time decision: to play or not to play? After a day’s worth of heavy rains, we were unsure if fields could handle a game day. There were some tense hours, but, at 1pm, we got the green light and then the smiles and shouting began!

Urban Initiatives’ newest Work to Play partner school McNair Elementary in the Austin community put their game faces on (basically just their uniforms with the help of some great parent volunteers) and warmed up before boarding the schol bus for their first Friday Game Day. During this time, one of the younger players, Nasir, came up to Coach Jeff and asked to go see his teacher. Coach Jeff, wanting to control the chaos of the warm-up, walked with Nasir to his teacher’s room. Expecting a question about homework, Coach Jeff was surprised when Nasir started bragging about his uniform. The teacher’s response: taking several photos. This happened multiple times with different teachers, the principal, and security guards. McNair Elementary was buzzing for Game Day!

Off to Glenbrook North the McNair team went! The good vibes continued as the players entered the field through a volunteer tunnel made up of several Glenbrook North volunteers, it made the McNair team feel as if they were preping for the World Cup. From there, they broke off into teams with volunteers and played some fun and very active games. Goal celebrations, dances, and smiles were seen from start to finish. During the games, Coach Murray, from the McNair team, summed the day up well, “I could do this everyday.” Also, adding that the game was expanding [the kids] horizons’.


Needless to say, the McNair team cannot wait until their next game day! Big thanks to Rachel and Anna Hirshman along with the rest of the Glenbrook North team for giving the McNair team the rockstar treatment at their first Friday Game Day!

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