CPS Student Earns Team Captain of the Year: WGN’s Daytime Chicago Spotlight’s UI Player

Urban Initiatives’ youth leaders exemplify remarkable growth and skill development, leaving a lasting impact on schools and communities. To recognize their outstanding contributions, we annually present the Troy Cameron Team Captain of the Year award. This year, we our proud honoree was featured on WGN’s daytime Chicago.

Laila, an 8th-grade student Kozminski Community Academy discovered her passion for soccer when she joined Urban Initiatives in x grade, initially on a whim. Over time, she not only fell in love with the sport but also emerged as a dedicated Team Captain, crediting Urban Initiatives for fostering her confidence and empowering her to make a positive impact on her peers.

Hear what has to say about being a UI soccer play for over 5 years on WGN-TV’s Daytime Chicago! 🌟 Watch the appearance below, where Laila and Miki Grace (UI Communications Director) discuss our mission, Laila’s transformative journey with UI, and extend an invitation to Chicago to get involved in our impact.

Interested in having Take the Lead, our Captains Programs at your school or learning more? Visit https://urbaninitiatives.org/for-schools/ for more information.

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