Operation: Explore Navy Pier

The UI Associate Board members had the opportunity to spend Saturday at Navy Pier with UI participants from Davis, Jenner, and Lorca schools. It was a very exciting and activity jammed pack day for the kids to gather together and meet students from other schools! The main event for the day involved the kids splitting up into teams to compete in a scavenger hunt across Navy Pier. The kids worked together to read the clues and answer them as we ran around the pier searching for attractions and hidden gems. My favorite clue was identifying the DIVERSITY mural that showcases individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and nations. It was amazing to hear the students’ perspective and clear definitions of what the word DIVERSITY means to them.

As we concluded the scavenger hunt, we were fortunate to have warmer than usual weather as we moved on to the next event for the day, riding the Ferris Wheel! The kids, AB members, parents and friends all supported one another as the iconic Ferris Wheel climbed 200 feet above Lake Michigan. After three loops around it was time for some lunch. The kids and AB Members enjoyed some well-deserved pizza, games and companionship before it was time for the kids to hop back on the bus and return home after the successful day.

In the end, the kids developed their communication skills, team building and problem solving skills while the Associate Board members recharged their passion and perspective on what Urban Initiatives is all about: engaging kids and growing their view of the world.

-Austin Haas, Urban Initiatives Associate Board Member

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