Mercedes Benz USA Races Around the Soccer Field

A volunteer day unlike any other , happened on Friday, September 27th when Walsh, Daley and Ward revved their engines by getting their hearts beating and feet moving during game day with Mercedes Benz USA volunteers. 90 students from Back of the Yards, Chinatown and Pilsen had the opportunity to make new friends, practice new soccer skills and learn from the volunteer coaches. Volunteer Mercedes coaches were truly engineered to move by jumping in the game cheering on their team with high fives and encouraging teamwork.

After an hour of physical activity Mercedes coaches led thoughtful and insightful discussions about Work to Play Week 3’s character topic, Responsibility. As positive adult role models, Mercedes coaches were able to share their own personal responsibilities during their day to day roles with Mercedes Benz USA. They were also able to learn from students like Ciara from Ward that being responsible doesn’t just mean doing what you are suppose to do, it also means taking the steps to do things you want to do to become a healthy and dedicated student athlete.


After the Mercedes Benz USA coaches wrapped up their discussions the Work to Play participants brand new Mercedes Benz hats were given to each player to commemorate the unforgettable day! They also generously donated $1,000 to Urban Initiatives so that we may continue to impact more of Chicago’s kids through our health and character sports based youth development programs.

Urban Initiatives would like to thank Mercedes Benz USA for helping shape Urban Initiatives’ students into responsible healthy and active athletes!

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