Meet our 100th Junior Board Member, Isabel!

The Urban Initiatives Junior Board is comprised of young professionals who volunteer their time and efforts to the thousands of kids UI serves across Chicago. Here is a short interview with our newest Junior Board member, Isabel.

UI: Why did you decide to get involved with Urban Initiatives?

Isabel: I decided to get more involved for a few different reasons. Firstly, after I learned how involved my company was with UI I wanted to become just as involved on an individual level. I wanted to become more involved in an organization that I was interested in and passionate about and thought this would be a great opportunity as I already felt connected through the events I had participated in. As I participated in UI events through Storck I learned what a wonderful organization UI was and how important and connected I feel to UI’s mission. Personally I began playing soccer when I was 5 and continued to play through college. I know what a profound influence soccer had on my life whether it be enhancing my work ethic or exposing me to social and leadership roles I may not have been exposed to otherwise. I know firsthand the importance of structured after school programs and couldn’t be more excited that it also involves one of my favorite sports.

UI: What are you hoping to get out of this experience?

Isabel: I hope to get more involved with volunteering and interacting both with the children UI supports and the other members of the Junior Board. I hope to also spread the word about UI and get others interested in supporting and participating in UI’s mission.

UI: What have you been involved with so far?

Isabel: I first got involved with UI when I joined a coed soccer league through LTS that played for UI with my coworker. I have also participated in a soccer practice and dinner with the students of Jenner Academy and coworkers from Storck. During our annual Jenner field trip to the Storck office I presented the Supply Chain Departments overview to the students explaining the function and importance of our department and it’s connection to the company as a whole. Most recently I fundraised and participated in the Shamrock Shuffle UI Team.

Thanks for joining the team Isabel!

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