Junior Board Spotlight: Jamie Hitch

The start of Urban Initiatives’ Spring Work to Play season has arrived. As soccer games and practices begin, Urban Initiatives’ kids and staff would like to recognize Junior Board member extraordinaire, Jamie Hitch. Mr. Hitch, a Quaker employee, joined the Urban Initiatives Junior Board in 2012 and has since dedicated his talents, time, and enthusiasm to thousands of UI kids all across Chicago.

Ask any kid on a Work to Play team what his or her favorite post-game snack is, and the enthusiastic response will always be, “Chewy Bars!” Jamie makes snack time possible. Each season, he coordinates with Quaker to donate thousands of Chewies. Few days during the year are sweeter than the ones when Jamie calls and says a delivery is on the way!

Coach April appreciates the love Jamie has for Urban Initiatives. “Hitch is like a human snowball, rolling down hill,” she says. “He has incredible enthusiasm for his work with Urban Initiatives, and he inspires others to get swept up with him. When you’re at an event with Hitch, you will work hard and have fun, because you can’t help but follow his example.”

Jamie volunteers at many Urban Initiatives events. Whether it’s a Friday Game Day, midweek field trip, or a Saturday morning Retreat, he’s there to make sure each kid has a great experience. “Jamie is ready to help with anything and everything Urban Initiatives, and he does it with a smile on his face,” says Coach Kyle. “I’ve never seen anybody so excited and ready to play at any time of the day.”

While many amazing people contribute to Urban Initiatives’ success, Jamie Hitch goes above and beyond to make a difference in our programming. We certainly couldn’t do it without him!

Thanks Coach Jamie!

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