HomeMade Pizza Co. and UI Junior Board Team Up For Extra Cheese

UI Four Cheese Fun.jpgHomeMade Pizza Co. loves helping the community as much as they love making great pizza.

Urban Initiatives Junior Board Members Joseph Katelman and Kyle Rose took the initiative to put together the Four Cheese Fundraiser with HomeMade Pizza Co. Thanks to them, the evening raised $342 to provide busing for the final day of programming for the 2011/2012 school year next Friday. We are extremely grateful for the dedication and commitment to our cause!

For one day on Tuesday May 29th, HomeMade Pizza Co. donated $5 for every large pizza, $2 for every large salad, $1 for every breadsticks order and 20% from every gift card sold. Our supporters and their friends and families dined on delicious, all-natural food and together we raised money to support our kids.

We look forward to hosting this event again next year. Thanks to HomeMade Pizza Company for their charitable efforts. Special thanks to the Lincoln Park and Winnetka locations for participating in our fundraising event! 

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