Fundraising is Fun at Claremont!

The student-athletes of the NCAA basketball teams were not the only ones in the spotlight of March Madness. Students at Claremont Academy took a different spin on the annual basketball tournament that captivates avid basketball fans for an entire month.

Thanks to Urban Initiatives and a grant funded by the Chicago Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children (CLOCC), the students of Claremont participated in the first annual Claremont March Madness healthy fundraiser.

Over the course of three weeks, students obtained pledges and facilitated an alchemy of virtue where they learned that fundraising can be fun! The younger students in grades K-5 gathered pledges based on how many times they could jump rope in five minutes. The older grades participated in a “free throw-a-thon,” taking 100 total shots and gathering pledges based on the number of baskets they could make. With over 20 participants, including staff, the first annual March Madness raised over $350 that will be reinvested in the school toward sports equipment for PE and recess.

The top 6 jumpers and shooters received customized Claremont Academy School polo t-shirts that can be worn as school uniforms; a good way to show-off the fruits of their labor while taking pride in their work. This event has helped rally Claremont students around the fact that play can be a powerful tool for making their school a more positive community.

Congratulations to Claremont’s REC Coordinator, Coach Stephanie, for dreaming up this fundraiser to remind us all that there are lots of ways to raise money that don’t rely on unhealthy food!

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