AB Spotlight: Patrick, Brian, and Michael Quirke

What we love most about the holiday’s in Chicago is how we’re reminded of the importance of family. This city has a way of extending strong family values to workplaces, social relationships, professional athletic teams, and hey, even grassroots non-profit organizations.

Urban Initiatives believes in a greater community, and that unifying our Chicago community takes a level of care and commitment similar to that of being a part of a family.  

And we’re fortunate to have a trio of Quirke brothers to help show us the way.  Brian, Michael, and Patrick Quirke are three UI teammates who believe strongly in these family values; first supporting UI as young Wilmette Wings soccer players, and now serving alongside each other as workforce professionals on our Associate Board.

Since Michael officially joined the board in 2016 (youngest of the brothers and our most recent addition to the Board), the Quirke brothers have jumped at every opportunity to get involved. Whether dusting off their Wings cleats and playing in UI’s past two Corporate Challenge Cups, volunteering at events with UI kids, or championing UI to friends and colleagues, their dedication to amplifying UI’s footprint and connecting the greater Chicagoland community has been a huge asset.

“I think the desire to give back is definitely contagious — and being around such a like-minded group of individuals really compels philanthropic efforts to the next level. Seeing our parents involved helped us to get the ball rolling, but ultimately seeing such a motivated peer group makes all the difference in getting people excited about making positively impacting youth development in the local communities,” said Patrick, the oldest Quirke brother.

It comes as no surprise that Patrick’s most impactful experience serving on the AB came from directly volunteering with UI teams in his first Work to Play Cup:

“It was incredible to see so many folks out supporting UI and amazing to see how much fun the kids had during the day: from costumed “recess” sessions, to spirited matches out on the pitch, to the DJ bringing the dance party at the finale, there was no shortage of fun to be had. You could tell that the kids were forming real friendship and learning valuable skills / lessons in the process.”

Team UI values the incredible contributions of Associate Board members like the Quirke’s whom maintain a strong sense of unity all while bringing the smiles and enjoyment that makes being a part of a tight-knit group so fun.

You are special Team Quirke!  And we are glad to have you on the UI team!

Get to know the Quirke brothers

Patrick Quirke, Magnetar Capital, University of Illinois

  • Year joined: January 2015
  • Dream job: full-time travel blogger
  • Personal goal: dunk in a recreational basketball game
  • Professional goal: become CFO of a business
  • Life mantra: when you come to a fork in the road, take it
  • Mentor: Dad (Barry Quirke)
  • Favorite things about living in Chicago: experiencing all four seasons, beach volleyball in the summer, new restaurants popping up everyday, no shortage of new watering holes / breweries
  • Success: being able to do what you love every single day of your life

Brian Quirke, NERA Economic Consulting, Vanderbilt University

  • Year joined: January 2015
  • Dream job: professional golfer
  • Personal goal: Continue to learn new things every day
  • Professional goals: CEO of a business
  • Life mantra: Just do it
  • Mentors: Barry and Mary Q, they’re saints
  • What’s one of your favorite parts of Chicago and living in the city: Chicago summers, Cubs/Bulls/Hawks, restaurants, walkable neighborhoods, friendly people

Michael Quirke, Accenture, Vanderbilt University

  • Year Joined: Summer 2016
  • Dream job: Spotify playlist curator
  • Personal goal: Heli Skiing
  • Professional goal: Get a deal on Shark Tank/ Start my own business
  • Life mantra: ¡Pura Vida!
  • Mentor: Pappa Q (Barold)
  • Favorite things about living in Chicago: Cubs Games and living within a mile of 4 of my siblings

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