4th Annual #UIJB Pizza Party

The 4th annual Junior Board Pizza Party at Kirkland and Ellis provided 65 WTP participants, coaches, and 40 Urban Initiatives Junior Board members an opportunity share a meal, talk about future aspirations, and play active games.

Work to Play participants from Otis World Language Academy and Providence Englewood Charter (PECS) were thrilled to meet young professionals from the UI Junior Board. Together over a meal of pizza (and fruits and vegetables) WTP participants, like Joshua from Otis, were able to discuss how much he loves going new places with their new Junior Board friend Derek from PwC. Additionally, as students and junior board members ate, tables drew team flags to represent their groups special intrests and talents. Some amazing team names include The Garden Boys because of their love for planting flowers and the Pouncing Thunder Cheetahs, that name needs no explanation.

After filling up on a healthy meal every team participated in some physical activities and games. Being indoors is not an excuse to keep your body from moving! UI Junior Board members and WTP participants played reverse charades , rock paper scissors all stars, and raced to build the tallest balloon tower. To wrap up the night, the entire UI team took a team photo and students from Otis and PECS said goodbye to their new friends hoping to see them soon at a Friday Game Day!

Big thank you to Neil Hirschman, Jay Betew, Jean Downs from Kirkland & Ellis, and Junior Board member Courtney Schultz for helping make this great event possible!

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