Work To Play By the Numbers

DSC02368.JPGThis blog spends a lot of time chronicling the qualitative impacts of the work that Urban Initiatives does to support whole-child development with CPS students. These stories keep us inspired and creative, but they are also backed by real statistics of tremendous output and impact for the kids we work with. Without further ado (drum roll please), the 2011-2012 WTPP has this year…

  • 20 Chicago Public Schools served 
  • 600 boys and girls 2nd-4th grade
  • 96 hours of physical activity per participant provided 
  • that’s 53, 760 hours of physical activity total… (540 kids x 96 hrs) + (60 kids x 32 hrs for Greene and Howe)
  • 12 hours of health education per participant
  • 6,720 hours total (540 kids x 12 hrs) + (60 kids x 4 hrs)
  • 12 hours of character development education per participant
  • 6,720 hours total (540 kids x 12 hrs) + (60 kids x 4 hrs)
  • each participant consumed over 144 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • each participant consumed over 576 grams of whole grains
  • 18 Service Learning Projects including NCAA Salvation Army blanket drive, park clean-ups, and canned food drives
  • 2 program-related events put on by our Junior Board – Interfaith Cup, Pizza Party
  • 56 end of season Award Ceremonies – over 1,200 healthy subway platters (3 platters/school/season), 600 trophies, etc.
  • 40 Mentor Coaches
  • 1 Mentor Coach event – mid-year Leadership Workshop
  • 1 Good Morning America television shoot with UI participants and Mayor Rahm Emanuel
  • 10 corporate volunteer days (Nielsen, Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz USA, PwC, Storck, and more!
  • 3 other volunteer days (Northwestern Civic Education Group, Roosevelt University, FC United U16 Girls Select team)
  • 44 field trips – Chicago Fire, Cubs, Loyola-UIC soccer game, community gardens, farmers markets, and more!
  • 8 special soccer events, including Wrigley Field Game Day, Interfaith Cups, Crosstown Classics, 11 v 100, and more! 

We can’t thank enough the supporters and volunteers who have made this year possible. We have the best team in the world, and we should all be proud of what we have accomplished this year. Thank you all!

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