UI Hat Trick: Three Great Schools, Three Great Successes


We’ve reached our first midseason milestone with our Track E schools and with schools like Bethune Elementary, Lloyd Elementary, and Nobel Elementary, it’s hard not to be excited about the remainder of the 2011-2012 program year. Seeing our healthy athletes salivating at the chance to play “Star Wars” after a long summer off, and our new players showing their obvious confusion while trying to figure out how a game called “Skittles” could possibly help to make them healthier is enough to make even the most stoic of observers smile from ear to ear.

 At Bethune this year, we’ve welcomed a new OSPD, Coach Menzo Murphy. He’s been upholding Bethune’s standard of hard-work and excellence on the soccer field. Flanked on both sides by two dedicated parent assistant coaches, Bethune is off to a great start. And with returning players like Enyce Hunley constantly reminding you, “Coach, I got this! I’m a vet!”, there’s no doubt that the Bethune Bears will roar themselves straight to an amazing season.

Speaking of amazing seasons, it’s more than appropriate to move on to one of Urban Initiatiave’s new schools, Lloyd Elementary. Being the first Urban Initiatives soccer team at their school hasn’t gone unrecognized by Lloyd’s players. With a group of players taking time out during their first practice to discuss with absolute certainty the FACT that since they’re the first team, that makes them the best, we know that confidence won’t be a problem with this group. Being led by Coach Tony Valdez, this Lloyd team promises to bring excitement to every Urban Initiatives practice and game.

While the excitement of newness is in the air at the two previously mentioned schools, our Nobel Elementary soccer team is proving there’s nothing boring about consistency and experience. With a team almost completely made up of returning players, and an OSPD, Todd Goldstein, who has been through the rodeo of a Urban Initiatives season before, our Nobel soccer team is handling “old hat” with new style. With coach and players adding their own spin to some of our games and finding ways to make Urban Initiatives moves their own, this team knows how to keep it fresh.

These schools are just three of our eighteen across the city that have kicked off the fun and games that make up our season. Here’s to a season filled with good times and healthy living!

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