UI’s Morton Team Stays Fit Off the Field

 morton blog post.jpgUrban Initiatives believes in education and the importance of a healthy mind and body. Exercising at school is easy! Especially, when there is a fitness room across from the gym. Just ask the soccer team at Morton Elementary. The fitness room, donated by the Chicago Bulls, gives the Morton soccer team the tools they need in order to remain healthy. 

"I love riding on the ellipticals because it strengthens my legs!" said 3rd grader N’Dia.

On a recent visit to the fitness room, the team could barely contain their excitement. However, Coach Swanson emphasized the importance of self-control and discipline (disrespectful teammates were told to do 15 blurpees). After their workout, the team had a discussion about the importance of physical activity. When asked questions, the children were very engaged with their answers – some couldn’t help but blurt out a response! The lesson then ended with a team chant of "EXERCISE!" before heading off to class.

“We want the youth to understand that it’s great to play soccer. However, it should expand outside of the gym – be healthy every day; stick with it after the season. Hey, while you’re at it, convince your parents to adopt the same lifestyle.” said Coach Anthony. And that’s what it’s all about – helping the kids realize the importance of being healthy and disciplined. The soccer players are learning that they cannot reach their maximum potential by cutting corners; only hard work on the field and in the classroom will ensure success.

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