UI’s Newest Teammate, Gabrielle Jones

Gabrielle Jone just joined the UI team as the new Play with Potential REC Coordinator at Dr. Jorge Prieto Math and Science Academy in Chicago’s Belmont Cragin community.

What drew you to Urban Initiatives?

Gabrielle: The close knit relationship to underserved communities is what drew me to Urban Initiatives. I have been volunteering and working closely with underserved communities since I was in grammar school. At the company my mother worked for for years she would volunteer to help families and children of underserved communities and I would always be right there with her.

What are you most excited for in your new role?

Gabrielle: I’m most excited for learning new things, taking on new roles and challenges, growing with and being a part of a great organization!

What’s your favorite sports or play memory?

Gabrielle: My favorite sports memory is starting from the very bottom when I was running track in high school.  Both my track team and myself had no experience running track, we started our sophomore year because there was no team freshman year.  Inexperienced, we ran our first race (a varsity race) and still placed.  It was a great feeling and it gave us a great amount of confidence. From that day forward people finally knew who the ‘track girls’ of Jones College Prep were, we finally made our name known, and made it to the top by the end of our track career.

What’s one thing  most people don’t know about you?

Gabrielle: One thing most people don’t know about me is although it’s known that I’m terrified of bugs, I love all other nature, it brings me at peace, watching water, being around trees, exploring nature.

What’s your favorite snack food?

Gabrielle: My favorite snack, if this is considered a snack, would be French fries, my guilty pleasure since a child.

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