UI Kids & Parents Visit Wood Street Urban Farm

This spring, two Urban Initiatives soccer teams got the chance to visit Wood Street Urban Farm not only to learn about where fruits and vegetables come from and how they keep us healthy, but to taste them too! Located in the Englewood neighborhood, just a mile away from two Urban Initiatives schools – Sherman School of Excellence and Claremont Academy – this farm is a project of Growing Home, a non-profit that provides job training through an organic agriculture business. Both soccer teams learned how to identify vegetable plants and herbs and then had a chance to take part in an educational scavenger hunt. They also made delicious Spinach-Mango smoothies!

Staff at the farm spoke with parents about the many resources they provide to the community – from their weekly farmstand and cooking classes to resume workshops. To cap off the great trip, all the kids got the chance to make their own spinach planters to bring home and care for. Maybe once the spinach is grown, they can use it for making smoothies!

As many of the schools that UI works with are in areas considered “food deserts”, UI believes community resources like Wood Street Urban Farm have great potential to positively impact our families’ lifestyles by providing access to nutritious, affordable food.

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