UI Kid Spotlight: Samya from Sherman

SamYa bloG 2.jpg

As Week 3 of the Urban Initiatives spring season just finished, it is absolutely fitting and necessary to highlight 2nd grade Sherman soccer player Samya Ray. Who is Samya Ray, you might ask, and why is she so special? Well, Week 3 of the Urban Initiatives soccer season is the Responsibility and Commitment Week, and Samya, though one of the youngest members of the team, has become an example of responsibility to the whole team.

When visiting a Sherman practice, there are certain things that are basically guaranteed. First, the Sherman team will be having lots of fun as they play soccer. Second, the soccer players will happily receive their post-practice snack, consisting of a bottle of water, a granola bar, and an apple. And finally, Samya will undoubtedly be there with a big smile on her face and a great attitude.

Samya did not miss a single practice in the winter season, making it to practice even through the cold, dark, and snowy mornings. She has kept up her perfect record this spring, showing up to practice on time and ready to play and learn. While setting up a drill at last week’s practice, it was no surprise to Coach Brendan to find that the player who approached him asking if she could help set up was, of course, Samya Ray. Urban Initiatives is so proud of players like Samya who take the principles they learn at practice, like responsibility and commitment, and apply them to all areas of life. Way to go, Samya!

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