Two UI All-Stars Win School-Wide Poetry Contest

Christian Gordon.JPGA big congratulations to Christian Gordon and Willie Mae Brooks, two Urban Initiatives soccer players at Sherman School of Excellence, who took 1st and 2nd place respectively at their school-wide poetry contest!

The following is an excerpt from Christian’s poem, which speaks about economic struggle:

Unemployment is like playing soccer and you just want to kick
Minimum wage is like having a job and you just want to quit
Unemployment is like talking to a girl and getting hit
Minimum wage is like being at bat and you end up missing the pitch
Unemployment is not cool
Minimum wage is cruel

Christian and Willie Mae – Urban Initiatives is proud of you! Keep up the good work, both on and off the field!

Urban Initiatives’ Work To Play Program has improved our participants’ academic performance by using soccer as a reward for success in the classroom. Furthermore, Urban Initiatives’ character development curriculum is critical in building a positive work ethic in our participants.

Urban Initiatives is also happy to announce that through a recent partnership with Camp Out For Kids, a nonprofit organization that gives underpriveleged kids opportunities, 17 of Urban Initiatives’ most committed players will be heading to soccer camps this summer in Chicago. It’s no surprise that, being the role model student-athletes that they are, Christian and Willie Mae are a part of this all-star group!

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