The Inaugural Captain’s Classic

Take the Lead Team Captains participated in the first ever Captains Classic. Ninety-Seven Team Captains from all across Chicago traveled to Chicago Indoor Sports for an afternoon of soccer games. The Captains Classic is a special game day designed to reward the Team Captains for all of their hard work and leadership throughout the Fall Work to Play season.

For the first time this year, the fifth through eight graders were able to play spirited matches on full-length fields. Having the full-length fields allowed the captains to truly showcase their soccer skills that were honed during the season.

Some highlights from the games included a length of the field run by Howe team captain Amari Riley that ended in a last second goal for his team! Sportsmanship was also on display throughout the matches with teams who were not playing  cheered loudly from the bench for the players on the field. Jariyae, a team captain from Morton School of Excellence, was overheard saying, “I love this place, the fields are so big and the games are so exciting.”

The games ended with parting gifts of Nike drawstring bags for each Take the Lead Team Captain. The surprise gift lit up the faces of the exhausted soccer players. The team captains appreciated being recognized and rewarded for all of their dedication throughout the season. Stay tuned for the 2nd Captains Classic in the spring!

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