Team Captains of the Month: April

Each month we will share with you two dynamic Team Captains that embody the Take the Lead team spirit and go above and beyond in their communities throughout Chicago. This year 151 Take the Lead Team Captains from 24 Chicago Public Schools across 19 distinct communities will help make an impact in the lives of thousands of elementary school students.


5th grader from Lloyd Elementary in the Belmont Cragin community

This is Marina’s first year as a Team Captain and joined Urban Initiatives’ Work to Play program as a third grader.

At her first practice as a team captain, Marina came prepared. She brought her own whistle and tons of enthusiasm. And that’s what Marina has added to the Lloyd Work to Play team in her first year as a Team Captain. Marina is a great role model for the younger kids on the team. She is always one of the first kids in the gym each practice and makes sure everyone behaves while getting ready for practice. She helps her head coach set up for drills and demonstrates the new moves that the younger soccer players are learning each week. She also attends all Team Captain retreats where she is able to gain the skills to be a leader at her school. Marina earns excellent grades and is a very important part of the Lloyd soccer team and the Take the Lead program.


6th grader from Walsh Academy of Math and Science in the Pilsen community

This is Xavier’s second year as a Team Captain and joined Urban Initiatives’ Work to Play program as a third grader.

Xavier has been a great addition to the Take the Lead Program at Walsh!  As a seasoned Team Captain, he rallies the rest of the team captains to accomplish all the goals they have set for their Service-Learning Project, while bringing innovative and refreshing ideas that can mobilize their school and community. Xavier has developed his own leadership skills by assisting in the facilitation of the team captain huddles by keeping everyone on topic and asking thought-provoking questions which has greatly helped the team captains expand on their critical thinking skills.

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