Tarkington Rolls With The Double Crossers At The Derby

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Many of Tarkington School’s soccer players had never seen a roller derby bout however they arrived with their parents and coaches last Saturday evening at UIC’s pavilion to watch the Double Crossers face Hell’s Belles. Many of the Double Crosser’s skaters had already volunteered at Tarkington’s game day the previous afternoon at the Chicago Indoor Sports center. The kids quickly recognized the new friends they had made and greeted them before the bout. With unmatched enthusiasm and teamwork Tarkington’s soccer players, parents and coaches cheered the team on with pom-poms, signs and whistles. By the end of the night the soccer team left the pavilion with an extensive knowledge of the sport.

Thanks to the Double Crossers’ skaters and the Windy City Rollers league, Tarkington’s team was invited twice out onto the rink for an introduction to the entire crowd and for a fun game at half time. The team got to display their listening skills and teamwork as the emcee called them out for a game of balloon racing. Each soccer player had to place a balloon between their legs and hop from one end of the rink to the other. As they walked off the rink the kids commented on how much they felt like stars.

Not only did these soccer players bring their cheering abilities but they also snuck in a selection of healthy snacks for the bout. Once in their seats the kids began pulling out zip lock bags full of carrots and grapes to enjoy. It is no surprise since they had just spent the week learning about the five food groups and the benefit of eating balanced meals. In fact, the Double Crossers’ volunteers led a discussion about healthy eating the day before at the Chicago Indoor Sports.

A special thanks to the Double Crossers’ Sunshine N Painbows, Iceberg, Joanie Utah, Killa Nois, Dani Get Your Guns, Pain Goodall and the Wind City Rollers League for setting up such an unforgettable event for the soccer players, families and coaches of Tarkington School.

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