Take the Lead Kicks off the School Year

With the new school year comes another exciting season of Take the Lead.  On September 12th, Take the Lead held its first retreat of the season.  Parents and students alike woke up bright and early on a rainy Saturday to join us for a fun day of soccer and team building activities.   Urban Initiatives Coaches and Team Captains led discussions and workshops on values like teamwork and respect.  The purpose of the retreat is to allow for team captains from all across the city to meet and develop these skills. To accomplish this goal, Urban Initiatives coordinated a series of events which included exercises designed to encourage trust-building, cooperation, and compromise finding.  For example, in the “Mind Field” activity, Team Captains pair up. One captain is blindfolded, while the other captain verbally directs the other around cones or “mines.”

Another great way for parents and family members of team captains to get involved is to attend the Parent Rally.  At the Parent Rally, parents from all over the city are able to collaborate with each other and get a taste of what their Team Captains do at Huddles, Retreats, and at Work to Play Practices. The first Parent Rally of the school year occurred on September 19th.  Parents who attended learned about Take the Lead and what we can do to best support our Team Captains and families. This is important because the support system of parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents is crucial for success.

We’re excited to continue bringing Team Captains together at future Retreats and events!

This week our Team Captains are starting their Huddles, and will continue to develop their leadership skills!

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