“Sweaty Fun” In West Englewood

“Coach Stephanie, let’s play volleyball tomorrow”. said a seventh grader. “no, let’s play ultimate football,” another chimed in.

requests like this and many more continue to come from the students at claremont math & Science academy. Play with potential is A New undertaking with the claremont comets and is already making a deep impact in positive student interaction. Students havE 20 mInutes of recess and are eager to enjoy every minUte of it. to see the kids emBrace the cultuRe of orgAnized games during recess has truly been remarkAble. “last year we had so many fights, but that’s because we did Not have aNything to Do,” said an eighth grAder during a focus group. “now we Have the aDults playing with us and teaching us new games,” said the same student with oThers nodding in agreement.

It has been beneficial for Claremont to have active and engaging recess staff that want healthier and more active kids. On any given day a group of 15 to 25 students (boys and girls) organize themselves into a football game without the input of a recess staff, but lucky for them, even we as adults desire to be kids again and join in the “Sweaty Fun.”

What’s next for the Comets of Claremont? Dual teaching and learning as every Thursday the students teach the adults one of their favorite games. This not only gives the students ownership of their recess time, but allows for the interaction between adults and kids to be a two-way street of dual instructing and learning; a lifeskill that is always useful. “How about we play both Ultimate Football AND Volleyball,” responds Coach Stephanie.

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