Spartan FC Hosts Crosstown Summit

DSC_0482.JPGWhile Chicago prepared to welcome world leaders for the NATO summit, Urban Initiatives sent an envoy of three schools to form a soccer-playing alliance with the Spartan FC!

Over 200 young soccer players spread out across 14 fields for pickup games with new friends at Wood Oaks Park in Northbrook, IL. Older Spartan players participated as field referees, encouraging players to share their favorite moves and a fun afternoon with Urban Initiatives’ teams from Jenner, Prieto and Otis.

Crosstown Classics are an awesome opportunity for young soccer players to meet and play on the same team as peers from different communities all across Chicagoland. Spartans and Urban Initiatives’ players both took advantage of this chance to celebrate good sportsmanship, respect and teamwork! A mom from Prieto praised the Spartans at the end of the day, "They played great and were so kind to our kids. Each time someone fell down they helped them up—as a mom, I love seeing that."  

Urban Initiatives is truly grateful to have such strong supporters at the Spartan FC, whose team of dedicated parents organized the whole event to benefit UI. Urban Initiatives staff and coaches know how Crosstowns can add tremendous value to our program by creating opportunities for Chicago children to travel outside their neighborhood and meet new friends.

“The Crosstown Classic is one of the best days of the year for the Prieto team. Thanks to everyone who helped create such a welcoming atmosphere for the players," says Coach Drago Petrusic. We hope to keep playing with Spartan FC in the future!

A special THANK YOU goes out to Stephanie Grabill, Sherri Rosenberg and Allen Joffe, whose hard work and smiling faces made this summit possible.

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