Robert Morris Players Teach UI Participants Skills and Drills

IMg_1178[1].jpg On Friday, March 18th soccer players from Robert Morris University – led by their Coach Jake Truty – conducted drills with students from Jenner, Morton, Sherman and Libby. The kids were divided into small groups and taken through dribbling, heading and control drills. Overall, the kids had a blast and loved spending time with the college players.

Even though Robert Morris had just concluded their own rigorous practice, the players were very energetic, explained each drill in detail, and demonstrated skills with stunning precision. The kids were eager to employ what they learned with the Robert Morris players on the field and it was evident that they had increased confidence and improved technique by the end of the afternoon.

Thank you Robert Morris for taking the time from your busy schedule to teach our participants new drills and skills. You have been a tremendous partner over the years and we look forward to working with you again!

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