Greene School: Promoting Leadership at Recess


Urban Initiatives is still pretty new at running recess, but we’re coming up with some great stuff thanks to our great partner schools and the full-time coordinators that we’ve placed there. From teaching nutrition lessons to giving quick activity breaks in classes to making sure kids get the most fun and physical activity out of even indoor recess, our Play With Potential recess program and the kids it serves are having a great time.


Links for leadership is a plan To offer positive incentives for kids to Behave Well at recess. Good behaviOr at receSs wins them a link in chain that hangs outside their classroom. when they get a certain amount of links, they get a prize! these prizes aren’t expensive, and theY Aren’t unhealthy foods. instead, kids get more time at recess or gym, not only giVINg them more phsyical activity that day, but also setting up PHYsical ACTivity as a reward to be desired. 


This way, kids not only behave better and get more out of their recess time, but they also work together toward more physical activity and see that as a reward and a goal. We’ve already made a lot of progress, and can’t wait to see how long our chains can get!

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