Second Grader Derek is ALWAYS On Time for Soccer!

handout - responsibility derek pendleton.jpg

A critical component of our Work To Play Program is the health and character handouts that we give to our soccer players on a weekly basis. These fun-focused handouts build on the health and character discussions from that week. The soccer players are asked to complete the weekly handout and turn them back into their coach. This provides the coach with immediate feedback that his players are understanding and internalizing the values that they discuss as a team. Plus, it’s just plain fun for the kids!

This colorful handout comes way of Derek, a 2nd grader at Sherman School of Excellence. The topic for the week was Responsibility and Commitment. Derek explained his drawing to his coach: "The clock on the wall says 7:15 am because that’s what time practice starts. That’s me on-time and ready to play soccer. The purple and red things in the corners are the goal cones. I’m wearing my uniform and saying, ‘I’m on time! Yes!!!’"

derek pendleton.jpG

Derek is an outstanding example of a kid who wants an opportunity to be a part of a team. He does well in class and on individual tasks like homework; he behaves at home – but it’s the soccer team that gives him a real chance to connect with his peers and develop his social-emotional skills. He is developing healthy relationships and an understanding of what a team can accomplish together. Being on the soccer team challenges kids like Derek, who are emerging role models, to be confident in themselves and share their values and knowledge with their teammates. All this being said, Derek is developing into quite the soccer player as well! Keep up the great work, Derek!

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