Northwestern Wildcats Give Urban Initiatives Kids the College Experience

Students and families from Jahn World Language Academy experienced the life of a college student athlete on Thursday October 17th while attending the Northwestern girls soccer game.

Arriving at 5:30 to warm up before the game, Jahn students, parents, and siblings, walked by the lakeside campus of Northwestern and participated in a pre-game parents vs. student game next to the Wildcats soccer stadium. Jahn parents Nicole Brokar and Kelly Ray saved goals, passed the ball, and even made a few headers while competing against their daughters.

After releasing some energy, Urban Initiatives families gathered to eat a pre-game meal and then filed into the stadium to cheer on the Wildcats. Paulo and Gavin, Jahn Team Captains, were impressed with the passing and control the Wildcats showed on the field. The entire Urban Initiatives went crazy and celebrated with Willie, the mascot when the Wildcats scored a goal in the first few minutes. The excitement of the game escalated as the Jahn students prepared to be the halftime entertainment. Playing on the big field under the lights was an unforgettable experience. Lucio could not stop smiling and was so happy to be “a famous soccer player playing in front of fans and cameras.”

Thank you Heather, Katie and the Northwestern Athletics Team for giving Urban Initiatives students an opportunity to see, engage with and celebrate Northwestern soccer. Thanks Coach Guerra and the Jahn families for having fun. Go Wild Cats!

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