Nobel visits Loyola

Last Wednesday, the Nobel Elementary Work to Play team traveled to Loyola University and enjoyed a NCAA Men’s Soccer match versus Northwestern University.  The Nobel team were invited to play with some real NCAA student athletes on an actual collegiate soccer pitch. The kids absolutely loved getting to play with the older players.

After they played on the field, soccer players and their parents were invited to eat dinner, a gift from Loyola. After dinner, the kids then found their seats and got ready to watch the beginning of the game. They were cheering the entire time and really got the crowd excited. While the kids were watching the game, Coach Helena and Coach Goldstein talked to them about techniques that the players were using. Soccer players were able to watch the college players do some of the same moves that the kids are learning this Work to Play season!

As the game drew to an end the Loyola Ramblers ended up winning and the Nobel players are sure it was because of their awesome cheering! Urban Initiatives would like to thank Loyola University Ramblers and Brian Plotkin for making this possible!

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