Meet Mr. Ferguson from Lorca

Meet Will Ferguson, the On Site Program Director at Lorca Elementary in Chicago’s Avondale community. During the day Mr. Ferguson teaches Special Education Math and Science, as well as an Advisory and a Life Skills Course. But at 7 a.m. on Mondays and  Wednesdays he helps over 30 students start their schools days with some physical activity, healthy learning and of course a whole lot of fun. Coach Ferguson grew up in Chicago, coincidentally 5 minutes away from where he now teaches the Lorca Orcas. Although it’s only his second year as an OSPD, Coach Ferguson is a natural at making early morning practice exciting; players are always eager to get there on time and bring their A-game.

Most practices, Coach Ferguson projects an online page on ClassDojo, where every player on the team has their own avatar. This give Coach a chance to recognize all of good things players are doing, he also gives them points for it. At the end of the week, he ends practice by awarding a couple students who have demonstrated awesome character skill points “players of the week,” and giving them some cool UI prizes. The most popular prize among the players this season has been a reusable water bottle. It’s incredible to see how quickly and easily Coach has created a positive culture of encouragement between the students, and how highly the students respect and like him. Coach Ferguson sets a great example not only for his students, but coaches alike.

Thanks for being such an amazing Coach Mr. Ferguson!

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