Meet Greg Washington!

Greg Washington is the newest member of the Urban Initiatives family. He will be the School Based Program Coordinator for all THREE of UI’s programs, Work to Play, Take the Lead and Play with Potential at Claremont Academy in the city’s Englewood community. Welcome to the team Greg!
Urban Initiatives: What drew you to Urban Initiatives?
Greg: What drew me to Urban Initiatives was the simply idea that I could influence today’s youth through a positive outlet.
Urban Initiatives: What are you most excited for in your new role?
Greg: With in my new role I’m most excited for the exchange of lessons between me and the kids. I believe that we can both learn a lot from one another. Which in return, will give us all an opportunity to grow.
Urban Initiatives: What’s your favorite sports or play memory?
Greg: My favorite sports memory has to be playing AAU basketball and football during my grade school days. We were so busy with sporting events that it didn’t allow time for negative influence from the communities that we grew up in. I honestly believed that had a lot to do with the person I am today. It gave me a positive outlet and exposed me to many different cultures and ways of living. Essentially it sports saved my life!
Urban Initiatives: What’s one thing  most people don’t know about you?
Greg: The one thing that people don’t know about me is that I’m motivated by art and I love to create! I see art in everything, and I tend to get inspired by the most “insignificant” things.. Even where there is a great deal of struggle, I can still see the beauty through all of the madness. I feel as if artistic concepts will be the guiding force for our future.
Urban Initiatives: What’s your favorite snack food?
Greg: My favorite snack food is chilled fruit salad.

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