Meet Bryant!

Bryant Craft is a new Program Associate from Worcester, MA. This is his first year as a Coach Across America coach and he is looking forward to the start of the season. Bryant has played soccer since he was four years old. In middle and high school he also played basketball. He grew up in Worcester, MA and went on to play soccer at University of Massachusetts- Amherst, a Division I school. His experience playing soccer is going to be very helpful to the children at Marquette and PECS, the schools he will be working at this year.

Bryant moved to Chicago just two months ago. When talking to him about the city, he said his favorite things are the food and the sports culture. He is impressed with how passionate people are about sports and their Chicago teams. He decided to move to Chicago and work with Urban Initiatives because he wanted to coach the sport he loves to children of all ages. He hopes that in this year of service he will be a role model for the kids and also be a positive influence in their lives by teaching them the skills to achieve success on and off the soccer field. If there were one advice he could give to his younger self it would be “Work hard, nothing in life is given but everything is earned” this is also a belief he wants to instill in the kids he works with.

Bryant’s most embarrassing moment came when he was a freshman in high school. He had a huge afro so he asked his mom to flat iron his hair one morning before school. When he got to school his friends told him he looked like Reverend Al Sharpton. He also enjoys collecting sneakers and comes from a big family with 30+ cousins.

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