Mapping out their Future

Team Captains are getting ready for the Spring Season! As you know, there is no off-season for Take the Lead participants! Last month, Team Captains across 27 schools participated in Huddle #5-Task Persistence. Middle schoolers discussed what it means to be persistent and committed to something, especially when times get tough. They started to discuss their Service Learning Project which is an opportunity to address issues students see in their community and create solutions. Staying motivated is the next big thing. To stay motivated, Team Captains identified things that push them daily, whether it’s their family, friends, or an inspirational quote.

Team Captains complete a Challenge after each huddle to assess their knowledge and to apply the skills to real-life situations. Challenge #5 required Team Captains to create their on motivation boards.
Check out a few great Motivation Boards from Tyronne from Morton Elementary, Alexis from Kozminski, and Vicente from Prieto!

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