Libby Kindergarteners are Active Learners!

 Applegirl.JPGThe wheels on the bus go round and round…all the way to the Bronzeville Childrens Museum! On a beautiful spring day while the older students were focused on ISAT testing, the Libby kindergarteners were engaged in some real active learning.

One exhibit, called “You Are What You Eat” introduced kids to the 5 food groups and the importance of physical activity. It also featured the “Wall of Firsts” which highlighted the achievements of various prominent African American Chicagoans. Kids talked about how they can keep their bodies healthy now so that they can grow up and become and inspiration to others. After a lively presentation and craft activity, students had free time to play on all kinds of kid-friendly exercise equipment.

The other exhibit, “It’s Easy Being Green” showed kids how they can make little changes in their daily lives to be more environmentally friendly. We learned about how to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” by turning off the water when we brush our teeth, and enjoying active transportation (like bikes)!

The Bronzeville Childrens Museum, though not actually in Bronzeville, is a great, culturally-relevant resource for schools in the area. Since it is designed for children in Preschool-2nd grade, the museum is a perfect destination for parents with young children as well as primary school classes.

Urban Initiatives is so glad to have been able to connect Libby with the Bronzeville Childrens Museum as a community partner through the Healthy Places project. We hope that Libby will continue to visit the museum in years to come!

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