Kicking It with the Red Stars

Our new Work to Play Program Associate Coach Kaitlyn shares her experience on her first field trip as a UI team member!

What would summer vacation be without taking in a Chicago Red Stars soccer match! This past Wednesday students from Beidler Elementary had the opportunity to take a trip to Lisle, IL to witness Chicago’s professional women’s soccer team battle it out against New Jersey’s Sky Blue FC.

Upon arriving at Brighton Park, the group entered the stadium to the Red Star’s smiley blue mascot Supernova and ample amounts of free chocolate milk! It wasn’t long after everyone was settled in their seats, and chanting “GO RED STARS! GO RED STARS!”, then the home team scored their first (and only) goal of the game.

Needing a break from the bright sun, many of the students decided to venture around the cool, shaded stadium. A few students spotted a booth handing out Red Stars temporary tattoos. It didn’t take long for the majority of the group to take notice, and in turn, sport the Red Stars’ logo across their cheeks, arms, legs, and necks.

At half time, the group was entertained by a brief soccer scrimmage between mascots from all over the Chicagoland. Sparky the Dalmatian (Chicago Fire), Willie the Wildcat (Northwestern), and Ernie the Eagle (Benedictine) were a few of the mascots playing against each other. Many of the mascots had difficulty looking at their feet while kicking the ball, so not many goals were scored; but, they were very successful in making the group laugh! It’s probably safe to say that none of the mascots will be making the Red Star’s roster anytime soon. 😉 Sparky was the group’s favorite!

After the second half started up, many of the students nibbled on healthy snacks such as apples and granola bars. As some students stayed in the stands to watch the game, others explored the stadium—and a lucky few were able to meet and give Sparky a hug!

Well into the second half, Sky Blue scored their one and only goal of the game. Although the Red Stars ended the game at a draw, Beidler students thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the stadium—fully embracing every last moment of summer vacation! A huge thank you to the Chicago Red Stars for partnering with UI. We will be back soon!

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