Nike Soccer Shoes Have UI Kids Feeling Like Pros!


“Hey Coach! I bet you can’t catch me!”

“Hey Coach! I don’t just play good, I look good!”

“That goal was nice, wasn’t it? It must be the shoes!”

These are just a few of the quotes that could be heard during this year’s Winter season at Nobel Elementary. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what has gotten our kids so pumped, but this season, to paraphrase countless Jordan commercials and one of our players, “It must be the shoes!”

At the Fall end-of-season party, thanks to an extremely charitable donation from Nike, Urban Initiatives was able to provide the Nobel team with brand new Nike soccer shoes. The excitement during the presentation of the shoes was palpable as kids whispered with bated breath about every pair that was handed out before their own. The kids weren’t simply given shoes for being on the team – they understood that they had to earn them through hard work both on the field and in the classroom, consistent attendance, and a team first attitude. By performing well in the classroom and committing themselves to being excellent teammates, the Nobel team more than proved themselves worthy of such a reward!

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