Glenbrook North Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team Hosts Friday Game Day


The Glenbrook North Varsity Girls’ Soccer Team recently paired up with 60 soccer players from Jahn and Goethe to run through a variety of skill based soccer stations. Goethe and Jahn soccer players all had the opportunity to polish up their dribbling, shooting and passing skills with the help of the Glenbrook North soccer players.

Finishing the soccer drills with one full field scrimmage with all the soccer players gave the Work to Play students and opportunity to expel all of their extra energy and make some pretty impressive big kicks. Josue from Goethe was able to score an amazing goal and Kiara from Jahn told Coach Becca that she “made new friends today that were really good at soccer.” The inspiring Game Day ended with small group discussion about Respect where the Rachel Hirshman gave some great tips on how to be respectful student-athletes.

All participants commemorated the day by taking a group photo then boarded the bus with big smiles and their healthy snacks of water, granola bars and apples.

You can see photos of this fun event HERE.

Urban Initiatives would like to thank Rachel Hirschman, the Glenbrook North Varsity soccer team, Coach Purdy and the Glenbrook North Athletic Department for giving Jahn and Goethe such a fun afternoon!

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