Daley Students Play With Potential During Recess


As part of a new partnership with Urban Initiatives as a result of the longer school day, Daley school now offers an engaging recess program called Play with Potential.

For twenty-five minute sessions, children have the opportunity to engage in active play, learn new games, build social skills, and take a much-needed mental break from the classroom! The program is coordinated by an Urban Initiatives staff member on site and Daley’s team of support staff.

Recess is a time for fun! Students in grades 1-8 are all smiles as they play in the sun at Cornell Square Park, across the street from school. Recess is also an important time to re-energize and prepare for the rest of the day. Teachers at Daley have already noticed that students are able to focus during class after recess.

Recess also provides Daley students with an opportunity during the school day to make the most of the what their neighborhood park has to offer. Urban Initiatives collaborated with the Chicago Park District staff at Cornell Square Park to improve recess time, especially by providing indoor space and extra supervision during nasty weather.

Every student in Chicago Public Schools has recess this year, and kids at Daley are having a great time!

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