Daley Gets Dunked at Field Day!

To celebrate their inaugural year with Urban Initiatives’ Play with Potential partnership, Daley Academy hosted a field day in Cornell Square Park. For two hours during the school day, the entire school participated in jumping rope, musical chairs, and playing in the beautiful weather. Every student enjoyed some time out in the perfect weather, snacked on healthy veggies, and also had the chance to win tickets to the Brookfield Zoo at the relay race station! Students loved racing each other and Mr. Rios (pictured, running backwards!), and continued running even after the tickets had been given away.

Hands down, though, the highlight of Daley’s field day was a dunk tank! Students had a blast seeing their teachers and staff get soaked! Everyone gathered around the tank to cheer each other on. CJ, a second-grader, even got to dunk his dad, PE teacher Mr. Hernandez. All of the proceeds from dunk tank tickets went towards Daley’s end of the year awards ceremonies.

Sixth grader Joshua exclaimed, “This is the best day ever!” It goes without saying that most Daley students would agree.


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