Empower Sessions Activity Guide Week #2 — Goal Setting

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This Empower Session focuses on the importance of goal setting. In this session we:

  1. Talk about what is goal setting and why is it important?
  2. Talk about the steps for goal setting
  3. Play a word scramble game
  4. Talk to Coach Reggie about some of his goals and tips for goal setting
  5. Play a fun game called Claps

Goal setting should be fun and it should help you achieve something that you care about!

This lesson can be completed in 15 minutes.


  • Word Scramble: Paper, writing utensil
  • Claps: Pair of socks

Activity overview — Word scramble

The goal of this game is to create as many words from six scrambled letters as possible in one minute. We will play two rounds.

  1. Words that you create can be any length (two letters, three letters, etc.).
  2. Before starting round one, make sure to set a goal for yourself. How many words do you think you will be able to find?
  3. After round one, evaluate your goal and set a new goal before starting round two.

Want to modify this game? Challenge a family member to beat your score using the same six letters that we have provided. Have them set their own goal as well.

Round 1 Letters: R T O A B C

Round 2 Letters: S E M T U G

Activity overview — Claps

The goal of this game is to throw rolled up socks into the air and see how many times you can clap before you have to catch them.

  1. Find an open and safe space before starting claps.
  2. Roll a pair of socks together to create a ball (see Empower Session video for guidance on how to roll your socks).
  3. Your sock cannot touch anything except your hands- if it touches the ceiling, the floor, or any furniture or people, that try does not count.
  4. Set a goal for yourself before beginning claps. If you reach your goal, set a more challenging one.

Want to modify this game? Try catching the pair of socks with one hand – this should certainly make it more difficult! Or you can try sitting on the floor to reach an even higher goal!

Bonus activities

Balance and Strength

Set a physical fitness goal- like getting stronger or more flexible. Then each day, do a set of exercises that will help you achieve that goal. For example, use your wall to practice squatting, do some jumping jacks, or stretch for ten minutes. Tomorrow, hold your squat for 10 more seconds, do more jumping jacks or stretch for longer.

If you are watching TV, make it a goal try to do something active during the commercials or every 10 minutes while watching.


The objective of this game is to brainstorm items in different categories in the shortest amount of time possible. You will have five categories per round and you’ll need to brainstorm six examples in each category.

  1. Copy the Worksheet #1 (below) onto a piece of paper.
  2. Come up with a goal for how long you think it will take to complete the worksheet.
  3. Start a stop watch
  4. Write down six examples of each category. When you finish all the spaces, stop your stop watch. 

Compare your time to your goal. Did you reach your goal? How will you revise your goal for the next worksheet? You can do each worksheet or come up with your own categories and test your skills.

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