Meet Cesar²

Meet Cesar H. and Ceasar G. or as they like to call themselves, Cesar². They are the best and only Team Captains at Nathaniel Greene Elementary located in Chicago’s McKinley Park community, They’re such good friends that they finish each other sentences, tell funny stories, or just say the most random but interesting facts! They both make a one-of-a-kind team.

Cesar H. is a 7th grader while Ceasar G. is a 6th at Evergreen Elementary. They walk together to every practice from Evergreen to Greene where they help out Coach E , the 3rd-4th grade students, and each other. These two Captains are very different, but their differences are what makes them so connected, practically like brothers. They come to practice three times a week and their duties include leading warm-ups, organize games, hand out snacks, and play with the younger students. But they really love coming to practice to coach and teach their players, listen to Coach E’s enthusiastic coaching skills, but also to have fun and talk with one another.

Both Cesar’s have achieved the high honor roll at school. The support they have for one another makes that possible, since they push each other to the best of their abilities. They both have been on the Urban Initiatives team for the past 4 years, now as 2nd year Team Captains Cesar² are taking their leadership roles very serious. Their recollection of each other was that they both seemed cool but thought they both could beat each other in soccer. They are known as the Captains who love to chat with anyone or involve you in their quick pace talking as long as you can keep up.

Be on the lookout for Cesar² when they come to a Game Day near you!

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