What Fuels Urban Initiatives’ Passion? Justin’s Nut Butter Of Course!

photo (15).JPG

The Urban Initiatives team has a habit of snacking pretty heavily throughout the day when they are not at schools or running errands. While it is easy to seek out junk food in times of hunger the team has enjoyed a healthier option. Mike Draper, a friend of Urban Initiatives has been providing the team with ‘Justin’s NutButter.’ This Nutbutter has always come in the form of peanut, almond and hazelnut butter along with some boxfuls of tasty chocolate treats. Unfortunately if you are starting to get hungry and would like to come by for a visit, you will only find empty cupboards. Without a doubt it is a good day when we receive a shipment from Justin’s Nut Butter and the team is a notoriously efficient consumer. Thank you Mike Draper for fueling our team in the amazing work we do!

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