U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Serves as Soccer Ball Honorary Chair


Dear Supporter of Urban Initiatives,

Welcome! It is my pleasure to serve as this year’s Honorary Chair of The Soccer Ball adn to support Urban Initiatives in its mission to provide a quality health and educational soccer program to Chicago’s inner city youth.  At the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), we recognize that children’s out of school time is just as valuable to their growth and development as their time spent inside the classroom.

I commend Urban Initiatives for their efforts in helping CPS students fill their after school hours with fun, educational experiences and for consistently providing high quality programming in some of Chicago’s most underserved communities.  Urban Initiatives’ program provides a safe environment for all the children involved and ultimately helps these students and their communities realize their opportunities for academic, social and emotional growth.

Congratulations again to Urban Initiatives for the great strides the program has made this year.  Programs like Urban Initiatives are essential to our overall success and I encourage you to also show your support to them by donating to this terrific and valuable program.  My thanks go out to you for your participation tonight and to Urban Initiatives for their passion and continuous hard work on behalf of our children.

Arne Duncan
Arne Duncan Letter [PDF]

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