Reavis Parents Speak to the Work to Play Program’s Impact

IMG_7581.JPGUrban Initiatives knows that our kids love being on the Urban Initiatives soccer team. Why else would they show up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7:30 AM on a Monday for practice? But what do the parents think? To answer that question, Urban Initiatives asked the parents at Reavis Elementary for their feedback on the Work To Play Program at their school. Here’s what they had to say:

"My daughter loves the soccer program. It motivates her to work hard in school and I use it as a reward for her. She loves the interaction with the kids and coaches. I like it because it keeps her active, she gets healthy snacks and it burns off energy and keeps her engaged and excited. She also gets to learn how every player on the team is important so I use it to also teach her life skills."

-Sophia, parent of Ijemma

"I like this program for my son Charles because it helps him to start getting along with other kids and he has made a lot of friends. He has also cut down on the junk foods and pop. Charles has improved in his class work and his conduct at school is great. So please keep this program going at our school. It helps Charles so much."

-Sylvia, parent of Charles

"Quentin and Quincy love the program because they’re able to be active and healthy. They learn ways to eat properly and the right foods to eat that give energy. They have started looking for fruits and juice instead of pop and chips at the grocery store. They make better choices now."

-Quentin & Quincy’s aunt

"I think soccer is a good sport to keep the kids healthy. My kids enjoy being on the soccer team. It keeps them off the street and it keeps them focused in school. It also teaches them to eat better."

-Jamilliah, parent of Elijah, Victoria and Jalen

"I like this program because it helps my child with her health problem. By playing soccer it helps her with her running and her eating habits. But I have never been so happy the she loves this type of sport. Most girls love to play basketball but not Kierra – she likes playing soccer. I am so glad that they have a program like this up at Reavis, so please keep up the good work."

-Kamesha, parent of Kierra

"This program has shown me how talented my kids are. It teaches them to be more respectful, obedient, and hard workers. I am very proud to say that it gives me so much joy to watch my kids play soccer."

-Kesharn, parent of Chevaughn, Gabrielle and Alianna

Thank you to the parents for supporting the Work to Play Program this year and for sharing your insights! The success of Urban Initiatives’ program would not be possible without you!

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