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Urban Initiatives Night with UIC

Davis’ REC Coordinator Nestor Rico shares a one of a kind experience for UI kids from Urban Initiatives Night at UIC!

As the Director of Community Assist at the University of Illinois at Chicago I am responsible for reaching out to schools, club teams, and non for profit organizations to offer them a unique experience by attending a sporting event at UIC.

We provide discounted group tickets and free bus transportation, while also providing an educational aspect to it, whether its a campus tour or guest speaker. Every basketball season UIC nominates a non-profit organization that has a tie to UIC and does great things in communities across Chicago. This year without hesitation I nominated Urban Initiatives, I have seen the impact UI has in the community first hand through the work I have done with them.

Our head soccer coach at UIC also has a great partnership with UI and its executive director, Jim Dower. “Urban Initiatives is one of the most innovative and effective outreach programs I have seen that balances sport, academics and health.  UIC Soccer is proud to have been a partner with Urban Initiatives in various capacities the last several years and is excited about to further involvement going forward.”- Sean Phillips, UIC Head Soccer Coach.

We are very happy at UIC with the work UI provides our community and the great relationship we have with the organization and its students. To celebrate UI’s accomplishments our administration at UIC thought it would be fitting to honor them at the game against Illinois State University on December 16th, 2015. Two schools from UI came out to show support,Faraday and Morton Elementary Schools were there to help cheer on Jim Dower and the UIC Flames. Go UIC and Go Urban Initiatives!

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