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United Volunteers Soar to the Peak of Team Lee’s WTP Season

For the second time this season, United’s team of Corporate Coaches volunteered at an unforgettable UI Game Day on May 13. As the Lee Lions arrived at Chicago Indoor Sports via trolley—yes, a trolley—the energetic United squad welcomed them with the most epic “human arch” for our WTP team to run under as they entered the building (check out the pictures).

United volunteer Heather Munson-Axen highlights this moment. “For me, it was seeing the look in their eyes as we were cheering them off the trolley and having them run under our arch! Priceless!” she said. Additionally, Lee Elementary Head Coach Kate Ballauer said of United’s welcome, “Our players felt like rock stars! From arriving in a trolley, to the volunteer’s arch, it was incredible!”

Once in the arena, The Lee Lions and Coaches took advantage of the full field and warmed-up with an intense game of Junk Food Tag. United’s very own Meg Whitty reigned supreme one round by not getting tagged by any of our 50 fierce lions! They rewarded her with the loudest power clap of the day.

After warming up, we split into two teams and began scrimmaging. Team Lee’s positive attitudes and unparalleled good sportsmanship were immediately noted. United Coach Khalelah notes, “One memorable moment I had was when I got so engulfed in the game that I attempted a maneuver that I can’t quite make anymore and I fell on my behind. But two of the kids stopped playing to come help me up and make sure I was okay. I thought that was just the sweetest thing.”

United Coach Tom Osail also took notice of Lee’s teamwork, “My favorite thing I saw while playing soccer with the kids was watching them rush to help their classmates up anytime someone fell down. No matter how hard the kids were playing, they still showed that they understood the importance of sportsmanship.”

It goes without saying that Team Lee had an extremely successful Game Day. Lee Head Coach Kate summarized this simply. “You know it’s a great Game Day when none of the kids want to go home,” she explained. “I love it when parents thank me at night for wearing out their kids! They’re going to be talking about this the rest of the year!”

This memorable experience would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and energy of our amazing United volunteers. A HUGE thank you goes out to them for making Lee’s Game Day an afternoon to remember. Big thanks to Dan Singer and Meg Whitty for being amazing members of Urban Initiatives’ Junior Board and for all their help with organizing.

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