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Union Pacific Foundation Rolls In

Earlier this year, the Union Pacific Foundation rolled in as a new Champion Partner for the Work to Play program! With a financial contribution of $15,000, the Union Pacific Foundation committed to supporting the Work to Play program at Morton School of Excellence. Their generous contribution will fully cover all programmatic costs at Morton for a full school year. This includes the cost of high-quality, trained coaching staff, nutritious snacks, bus travel for field trips and games, and equipment and uniforms. Ultimately, the Union Pacific Foundation’s contribution will support the high-quality implementation of the Work to Play program at Morton, ensuring participants will become more physically fit by decreasing their BMI, feel empowered to be more academically engaged, and learn how to be better teammates through social skill development

Morton School of Excellence has been an Urban Initiatives partner school for four years and is located in the East Garfield Park neighborhood. The school sits directly next to the Union Pacific West Line, and trains are regularly seen passing by. Many of the children who participate in the program at Morton live nearby, making the rail line a familiar fixture in their community. It’s a natural partnership, and we’re so glad to have the Union Pacific Foundation as a member of our team. From the Morton team and the entire Urban Initiatives staff, we’d like to thank you for supporting our work!

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