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Cubs Reward UI Program Attendance with Tickets to the Ballpark

IMG_7610.JPGThe Chicago Cubs generously donated 30 tickets for their April 18th encounter with San Diego Padres. Students from Walsh Elementary who had 90% or better attendance for the winter season were awarded these tickets to enjoy the game with their families.

Erwin Martinez was excited to be at the game with his father who is a die hard Cubs fan. In fact, Mr. Martinez had actually purchased tickets for the following day’s game as well. When asked which sport he preferred between soccer and baseball Erwin smiled, took a breath and said, "I like them both!"

Assistant Coach Vanegas came with her son Brandon and his friend Xavier who are both on the Urban Initiatives team. She was extremely thankful to the Cubs organization for donating the tickets. She was also happy because it was the perfect way to kickoff Brandon’s spring break.

The game ended well with the Cubs’ Colvin hitting a walk off double in the 10th inning! Thank you to the Cubs organization for your incredible support of our sports-based youth development program and for providing us with the tickets!

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