Chicago Cubs Front Office Trades Baseballs For Soccer Balls


The Chicago Cubs front office recently stepped away from the baseball field and joined the Jahn and Otis Work to Play teams on the soccer field at Hamlin Park for a Friday Game Day. This was Jahn’s first home game of the season and the entire team, along with their families, was beyond ecstatic to host the Otis players and their families in their neighborhood. The Cubs volunteers worked the sidelines, cheered on the players and most importantly made new friends.

The Jahn team embarked on the short walk after school wearing their Urban Initiatives jerseys proud as they walked down the very streets that they take to get to school and morning practices. Turning the Little Cubs Field at Hamlin Park into the Little Cubs Soccer Field for a Friday afternoon was fun for everyone.

Five small-sided fields were set up as parents from both schools cheered on Urban Initiatives soccer players. Soccer moves were on display as both Otis and Jahn players showed their families, coaches and the Cubs volunteers what they’ve learned. The soccer moves were great but what really impressed Cubs Volunteer Mary was the sportsmanship displayed by both team toward each other. “It’s great that even though the kids are from different schools they help each other up when someone falls and makes sure they are ok.”

After a few games against each other the Jahn and Otis players mixed it up and played together. They teamed up to play soccer as one team: The Urban Initiatives team! The sight of sweet spot passing, rollovers and the zig zag was a beautiful thing to watch. Once the games were finished the Cubs volunteers lead a discussion on the importance of physical activity.

Once the Jahn and Otis players vowed to the Cubs volunteers to stay active at least 1 hour each day they were surprised with their very own Chicago Cubs hat! Each player was very excited as they thanked the Cubs volunteers for their generous gift, “I can’t wait to wear my hat to a Cubs game!” shouted 2nd grader Leilani from Jahn.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to our volunteers from the Chicago Cubs for coming out and braving the chilly weather and joining the Jahn and Otis teams for their Friday Game Day! Go Cubs!

You can see photos from the great Game Day HERE.

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