Team Nielsen Receives Highest Rating by Students at Prieto Academy

269199_10150959647979675_1783502962_n.jpgOn Thursday June 14th, Urban Initiatives hosted Nielsen Company, the global marketing and advertising research company, for a fun-filled day of service, sports, and healthy food at Prieto Academy on their Global Impact Day. Nielsen’s enthusiastic team began the afternoon by partnering with the Prieto students to complete a campus cleanup.  After about 45 minutes, there was not one scrap of trash in the area. It was quite the sight to see!


Following the service project, team Nielsen was ready to take to the field and inspire healthy living through fun sports!  Employees and students joined mixed teams and engaged in games of kickball, dodge ball, and soccer.  At times it was difficult to determine who was having more fun the kids or the adults. It appeared that all of the participants were having a blast!

After the vigorous physical activities concluded, Nielsen sponsored a healthy picnic.  Several of the students commented on how sad they were that this was the last day of the Urban Initiatives program, but that they were thrilled to spend it with the folks from Neilsen.

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